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Treatment Care

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Pre-Treatment Care

 1. Hair Dye

If you decide to dye your hair, please do it AFTER a Pull My Hair treatment so that your hair will be protected against future damage. If you do dye your hair before the hair treatment, please wait 30 days before booking a service will us. Please, be aware that the Taninoplasty may slightly lighten your hair colour.

 2. Hair Trimming

It is recommended to have a trim or a cut after doing a PULL MY HAIR treatment.

 3. Additional Straightening Treatments

*PLEASE DO NOT* have any of the below treatments within 30 days of an expected service from Pull My Hair as combining treatments can cause damage to the hair. Bleaching of your hair, Perm, Relaxers, Texturizer, Keratin hair treatment, Japanese hair treatment or; If you have had one the above treatments, please wait 30 days from the last treatment you have done to have a Pull My Hair treatment.

Post-Treatment Care

 1. Hair Washing
Do not wash your hair for at least 24 hours after treatment. Washing the hair too soon will shorten the effects of any Pull My Hair treatment.

 2. Shampoos and Conditioners
For best results use sulfate-free products in your hair after your treatment.

 3. Maintaining Your New Look
After treatment, and the first wash, any Pull My Hair treatment can be activated with a blow dyer (using hot air) and a flat iron.

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