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Botox Capillary

Pamper your hair

Botox capillary was developed with thermo active compounds including collagen. It is rich in proteins and vitamins that transform your hair making it silky, shinny and smooth. Botox capillary is suitable for all types of hair regardless if it is curly, straight, kinky, sensitive, thick or thin. This treatment is especially good for those who have very long hair, and that suffer from split ends. Botox capillary acts as a deep conditioning treatment which restores the damaged hair. The compounds blended are a combination of powerful essential oils, vitamins and collagen, which leaves hair remarkably soft and glowing. Capillary botox is made for non-blonde hair seeking a frizz free, shinny, smooth and generally more manageable appearance.


Love your hair

Taninoplasty is made with tannin that is a breakthrough in natural hair straightening techniques. It uses the application of a substances called tannin, hence the name Taninoplasty. Tannins are polyphenols of plant origin obtained specifically from the bark of chestnut and oak trees and of macerated grape. These compounds are used medicinally as well to accelerate the management of certain diseases thanks to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It is the balance between nature and technology, that transforms the organic raw tannin material, an organic bioactive, that aids in protein binding during the treatment.



Indulge in self-care

Nanoplasty is a next generation treatment that restores hair and is proven in practice to be an effective method of smoothing, giving a healthy and vibrant appearance.

​The procedure is carried out with a special formulary, which does not contain formaldehyde or other harmful chemical ingredients. With Nanoplasty there is no sharp odor, burning, or general discomfort. The base of the product is made up of amino acids and collagen. The other elements are wheat protein, silk, apricot oils and other beneficial additives. Nanoplasty is loaded with beneficial substances and supplements that facilitate penetration into the hair that interact at the cellular level. The amino acids in the treatment are activated with heat and penetrate into the cortex of the hair bonding the nutrients to the hair healing it from the inside.



The answer to straighter hair

Nanoplex is a semi-essential amino acid that is involved in many important functions in our body. The term “semi-essential” infers that our body, generally, synthesizes certain amounts of it. It is also obtained from the diet and is necessary for the body to make proteins. In deep technical terms, Nanoplex, also known as L-arginine, is an amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of proteins. This amino acid recently became a trend because of its health benefits effects. It’s attracting increasing attention as a remedy for follicle-stimulator and as a protection protein for the hair’s natural color. It’s also a very good natural permanent straightener.

“In addition to the potency-enhancing attributes, arginine is of great importance to hair growth, owing to its role as a precursor to nitric oxide. This is because the nitric oxide formed from arginine opens the potassium channels of the [hair] cells. This can improve the circulation to the hair roots and stimulate hair growth.”


Next level hair technology

The restorative power of cold is already well known in the medical sector and cryotherapy has been used for a very long time to improve muscle recovery in professional athletes. 

Now translated into the hair industry Pull My Hair is offering Cryotherapy Treatment.

Its negative temperatures act on the hair from the inside out, correcting and replacing damaged fibers. This technology freezes nutrients and hyaluronic acid in the hair cortex, stimulating and prolonging treatment. By giving more shine, smoothness and protection to the hair, hair cryotherapy has been shown to be not only an agent for promoting a healthy appearance of the hair, but also an ally for the protection of the hair cortex.

Pioneering technology that freezes your damaged hair!

The search for perfect hair is a constant concern, not only talking about natural daily damage (exposure to the sun and pollution, for example), but also chemical damage such as none-natural smoothing treatments, relaxer, coloring and bleaching that denature the hair fiber that could have been perfect. Thus, the hair becomes porous, extremely fragile and unprotected.

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