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What is the difference between Taninoplasty and Nanoplasty?

Taninoplasty is made with tannins and will straighten the hair between 70% and 90% from the pre-treatment appearance. It is a deep conditioning treatment that naturally straightens the hair.

Nanoplasty is made with amino acids and collagen and will straight the hair between 90% to 100% from the pre-treatment appearance. Nanoplasty naturally reduces the volume of the hair, softens and hydrates the hair making it shimmer.

Should I colour or dye my hair before having a Taninoplasty or Nanoplasty?

You should colour or dye your hair AFTER having the Taninoplasty or Nanoplasty as the process may slightly lighten the colour of your hair.These treatments will protect your hair from any future damage.
If you decide to colour your hair before;

  • Please wait 10-14 days before having Taninoplasty or Nanoplasty
  • Wait 30 days if you bleach your hair

How long can I have Taninoplasty or Nanoplasty hair treatment after a; perm, relaxer, rebound, texturizer, keratin treatment, Brazilian blow out, Japanese treatment, or perola keratin treatment?

Wait 30 days or more, depending of the situation; please contact us.

How long do I need to wait to wash my hair after I receive Taninoplasty or Nanoplasty hair treatment?

24 hours is recommended.

I exercise a lot, is my hair going to curl right away if I sweat?

Pull My Hair has received multiple reviews and testimonials from clients with a wide range of hair types that stated their hair is still amazingly straight even after a good sweat. RememberTaninoplasty is a humidity blocker.

When can I have another Taninoplasty or Nanoplasty after my first treatment?

Between 2 months to 6 months.

Will my hair curl again after Taninoplasty or Nanoplasty?

The hair treatment will fade away between 2 – 6 months. Your curls will be back to normal after this time and there will be no dramatic hair change from your roots.

What will happen once I wash my hair post Taninoplasty and Nanoplasty treatment?

Your hair will be more manageable; it will be easier to flat press or curl; andyou will not need the assistance of a hairdresser, for your once hard the manage locks, for a period between 2- 6 months.

If you have very curly hair it will be still curly if you let it air dry. As soon as you add a source of heat, like blow dryer or flat iron, your hair will have the tendency to naturally straighten.

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