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Step up your healthy hair care routine with tips and advice

Established in 2018 by Malika Serrar, Pull My Hair was borne out of a desire to reach all women, and provide access to quality hair treatments. All too often, a woman’s desire for more manageable hair comes at a cost of the well-being of her hair. Harsh chemicals and processes provide short-term results for long-term consequences. Mrs. Serrar’s goal is to give once damaged hair a new lease on life and to prove that straightening can also rebuild hair and protect it from our daily environments.


Step up your healthy hair care routine with tips and advice

Pull My Hair is a brand dedicated to educating and empowering every women so that their choice can be worn with pride and confidence. When receiving a treatment not only are you purchasing a hassle free hair experience but the knowledge that this investment in yourself will lead to a healthier head of hair. There is no one size fits all when treating hair and that is why Pull My Hair is pleased to offer services for women of all background and ethnicities.Our products can refresh, straighten, and repair your locks; making certain to deliver results for the way you live.

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