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We provide premium hair care and styling.

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The decision each client makes to have a treatment with Pull My Hair is not only based on proven results, but the confidence that the service is right for you. Each booking is afforded an in depth consultation to ensure that treatments are suitable, and safe, for the condition that your hair is currently in. We will never proceed with a service unless you are confident and informed. Pull My Hair is thankful for placing your head in our hands and we will reward that trust with an experience that you can wear with pride.

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Want to take your hair care to the next level? Feel free to browse our shop before your next appointment and have our items shipped directly to your door!

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I just want to send a BIG thank you and respect to Malika owner of - Pull My Hair. Your work is excellent and your business acumen is phenomenal.

Shana Williams

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You have a client for life in me! Keeping shining Malika!


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I am loving my hair. I had the colour done and a trim. My hairdresser said she loved it. She had never heard of this new process.

Lisa Simpson
Shana Williams
Lisa Simpson
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